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faster pipeline
increase in data
Modernizing baseball data for the world champions The Texas Rangers delivered 10x more data to up their game and deliver a championship.
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Fortune 500 Payment Network
5x faster data transformations accelerate analytics on 2 billion transactions a day
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67% improvement pipeline creation to deliver insights into player performance and game dynamics
Fortune 50 Medical Devices, Pharma
Improving patient outcomes by modernizing the data stack and improving data engineering operations by 66%
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Speeding time to insights for analysts by 4x and democratizing data to fuel investment decisions

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“Prophecy has created a lot of opportunity, allowing us to increase the velocity and impact of our data products while maintaining a high level of quality within our engineering team. It allows us to ingest and unify data from external sources quickly and at scale, providing a massive competitive advantage”
Alexander Booth,
Assistant director of R&D
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“Prophecy removes the engineering barriers that were blocking our ability to help our clients drive investment value with data. Now anyone on our team can go from data to insights much faster, without having to speak to a team of engineers.”
Shehzad Nabi,
Chief Technology Officer
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“Prophecy is incredibly flexible and powerful. For a technical user like me, I can write code in Prophecy using whichever library and programming language of choice, meaning I’m not locked in at all. And it empowers non-developers to be productive with our data through templates and a framework builder that can extend the data engineering standards we create to the wider team. It’s incredible.”
Staff data engineer,
Major credit card company