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Complete Data Engineering

Designed for the modern Enterprise – Prophecy provides a breadth of features designed for current and evolving Data Engineering that go beyond traditional ETL.

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Talent Transformation

Your Data Engineers – whether they are used to visual drag and drop or want to write their own Spark code will succeed with a gentle ramp from legacy ETL products.

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Prophecy brings the DevOps processes to data engineering, accelerating dev and deploy.

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Automated Migration

Prophecy comes with automated conversion of legacy ETL workflows, which paired with our expertise in spark migration enables transformation with speed and reliability.

Only Cloud Data Engineering Product


Unique in the industry – we have the absolute best designer for Spark that enables visual drag-and-drop and Spark or SQL developers to succeed in the same environment and produce the absolute best code.

Metadata Hub with Lineage

Prophecy Hub catalogs information about your data engineering assets. Our catalog supports multiple virtual environments. We provide Governance with Lineage and Tag propagation for all Hive, Spark codes.

Managed Execution

We support multiple execution Fabrics (emulating multiple on-prem clusters) for test, production. Scheduling and Spark cluster management is provided for your choice of Spark from the cloud provider such as EMR, Dataproc or Databricks.


Cloud enables Agility and we provide all the tools you’ll need to move faster with Unit Testing Framework and auto-generation, data quality and integration tests, and parallel runs with metrics and impact analysis before promotion.

Harness the Power of Cloud Architecture

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Prophecy brings the agility of cloud and DevOps to Data Engineering, fundamentally increasing the speed of analytics & your business.

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Prophecy provides best practices and infrastructure as managed services – making your life and operations simple!

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With Prophecy, your workflows are high performance and use scale-out performance & scalability of the cloud.

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