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Low-code data

Self-service. Enterprise-grade. Cloud-native.

Trusted by top global enterprises to run thousands of mission-critical data pipelines in the cloud
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Data engineering and business data
teams made productive

Data engineering modernized

A modern replacement for legacy ETL systems for enterprises with the most demanding use cases.

Data transformation simplified

The best way for data analysts to easily build, publish and share data products.

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Data analyst
Data engineer
data analyst persona
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Build low-code data pipelines that generate clean Spark or SQL code


Gain control with a metadata catalog, data quality, search and data lineage


Reliably move to production with versions, tests, CI, CD and scheduling

On your existing cloud infrastructure

Data engineering standardized

Data engineer

Build and use standard components for your transformations

Your data platform teams create and publish packages - reusable components of business & operational logic. The business can then use these packages to speed pipeline development and adhere to best practices.

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End-to-end data engineering

Low-code for all

Empower every data user in your business to transform data like expert data engineers.

Complete solution

Get all the capabilities you need—like Spark streaming/batch pipelines, SQL transformations, orchestration, management and more—in one platform.

Trusted data

Enjoy visual development that's based on software best practices and ensures data quality control for all data users.

Open and extensible

Turn your data pipelines into open-source Spark or SQL code where you can add new visual components to standardize your operations.

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Everyone can become a
data hero

Business data team

Boost data team productivity by empowering them to easily build and deploy data pipelines and products on their own — in a self-service way — so they can focus on delivering business value instead of struggling with infrastructure.

Create data pipelines effortlessly on a drag-and-drop canvas using SQL expressions.

Convert visual workflows into open-source SQL code with dbt core™, allowing easy edits to existing projects.

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Data platform team

Simplify even the most demanding and complex data engineering use cases. With Prophecy, data executives can easily upgrade all your on-premises ETL tools to new standards.

Develop pipelines in a low-code editor that turns them into open-source code. Benefit from orchestration, metadata, data quality, tags, search and lineage.

Establish development and deployment standards by converting code — like Spark functions — into visual components accessible to all users.

Implement precise data governance to ensure discovery and compliance with features like search, column-level lineage, metadata definitions and tags for tracking sensitive data.

Confidently manage sensitive data with PII tags on columns and gain insights into column lineage for a comprehensive understanding of data computation.

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The ultimate legacy ETL migration

We understand cloud migration can be challenging. With Prophecy Transpiler, you can effortlessly convert legacy ETL frameworks to Prophecy pipelines, so you can simplify your cloud migration and free your team from manual conversion burdens.

Connect to your cloud data in seconds

Prophecy provides flexible, efficient data processing by deploying on Kubernetes and leveraging your existing data platforms. You can choose the security option that best matches your requirements:

We manage our Prophecy application as a SaaS offering. To use it via the public cloud, log in to Prophecy, connect it to your existing git (to store the code for your data pipelines), then connect Prophecy to your cloud data platform (to execute data pipelines).

Prophecy is SOC 2 Type-2 compliant.

Prophecy simplifies even the most demanding and complex data engineering use cases, making it the go-to choice for enterprises seeking to develop new or modernize existing on-premises ETL footprints. With Prophecy, data executives can easily upgrade all your on-prem ETL tools to new standards.

Prophecy's on-premises deployment option helps large enterprises meet their stringent data management needs while ensuring seamless integration and control of data servers.

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Modernize your data pipelines on cloud data platforms.

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