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Complete Data Engineering

Development and deployment of Data Pipelines with Scheduling, Monitoring, Search and Lineage. Everything your team needs to succeed – made simple.

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Visual drag-and-drop and some SQL is all you need to succeed with Prophecy. Get all your teams productive with data engineering on Spark.

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Develop faster, Deploy faster, move from development to production faster. We combine productive development with best Agile deployment practices.

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Automated Migration

Prophecy can automatically convert your workflows from legacy ETL products to Spark – modernizing your data engineering and often saving you money.

The Only Low-Code Data Engineering


Prophecy enables users to use low-code visual interface with SQL expressions to develop high quality Spark workflows. The code generated is high quality, performant, standardized and readable.

Metadata SEARCH with Lineage

Prophecy catalogs your workflows, datasets and schedules in one place. You can search at column level granularity and see lineage at column granularity across your entire system - from sources to analytics.


Prophecy helps you visually develop Airflow schedules, interactively test them, and then deploy them to various execution environments. You can monitor the workflows from the same place.


Prophecy provides the critical pieces - tests & automated deployment for agile delivery. We make it easy to write unit tests and data quality tests, and we run these on every change for high confidence.

Harness the Power of Cloud Architecture

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Prophecy brings the agility of cloud and DevOps to Data Engineering, increasing the speed of analytics & your business.

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Prophecy provides best practices and infrastructure as managed services – making your life and operations simple!

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With Prophecy, your workflows are high performance and use scale-out performance & scalability of the cloud.

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