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Data Transformation Copilot

The copilot designed for all data users, helping build, deploy, and observe data pipelines that accelerate AI and analytics.

Trusted by top global enterprises to run thousands of mission-critical data pipelines in the cloud

for business & data platform teams

Prophecy Data Transformation Copilot enables all data users with an AI-powered visual designer to develop data pipelines that turn into native Spark or SQL code. AI is integrated into the visual interface helping make recommendations, converting natural language to business logic, completing pipelines, generating tests and documentation, and suggesting fixes for errors.

Data Platform Team

Data engineers builds central data pipelines. They also extend the copilot with plugins to build standards for the organization using Spark and SQL code.

Data Teams in Line of Business

Business data users build, deploy, and observe data pipelines on their own with Prophecy, removing costly back-and-forth with data engineers and increasing productivity.

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Why Prophecy?


Native support for Databricks, Snowflake and other Apache Spark and SQL based solutions


Support for entire lifecycle - development, deployment, observability


Familiar interfaces to all data users, including a visual interface and a code interface, integrated together


AI will do half the work - recommend, complete, explain and automate


Help develop code in standard formats such as Python and SQL


Plugins to build standards with code and make visually accessible to all users

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Be the
data hero

Business data team

Prophecy is a game changer for business data teams, enabling them to self-serve to easily build and deploy data pipelines for analytics. These pipelines are at parity with the top programming data engineers, and this cuts down the back-and-forth with data platform teams leading to massive speed and productivity gains.

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Create data pipelines effortlessly on a drag-and-drop canvas using SQL expressions.

Convert visual workflows into open-source SQL code with dbt core™, allowing easy edits to existing projects.

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Data platform team

Build central data pipelines with unmatched productivity. Develop plugins using Spark, SQL code to define standards that are published to the business data teams enabling them to self-serve and be productive for everyday work, freeing up your resources for more value add activities.

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Develop pipelines in a low-code editor that turns them into open-source code. Benefit from orchestration, metadata, data quality, tags, search and lineage.

Establish development and deployment standards by converting code — like Spark functions — into visual components accessible to all users.

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Implement precise data governance to ensure discovery and compliance with features like search, column-level lineage, metadata definitions and tags for tracking sensitive data.

Confidently manage sensitive data with PII tags on columns and gain insights into column lineage for a comprehensive understanding of data computation.

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Connect to your cloud data in seconds

Prophecy provides flexible and efficient data processing by deploying on Kubernetes and leveraging your existing data platforms. Choose the security option that best matches your requirements:

Prophecy application is managed by Prophecy as a SaaS service. You can login to Prophecy, and connect it to your existing git (to store the code for your data pipelines), and your cloud data platform to execute data pipelines.Prophecy is SOC2 Type-2 compliant.

Prophecy simplifies even the most demanding and complex data engineering use cases, making it the go-to choice for enterprises seeking to develop new or modernize existing on-premises ETL footprints. With Prophecy, data executives can easily upgrade all your on-prem ETL tools to new standards.

Prophecy's on-premises deployment option helps large enterprises meet their stringent data management needs while ensuring seamless integration and control of data servers.

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