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ETL modernization

Migrate, modernize and consolidate your ETL pipelines in the cloud with unparalleled automation.

Don’t just migrate —

Optimize for target architecture

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by ensuring your data pipelines are tailored for cloud data platforms, so you can avoid mere lift and shift.

Standardize processes

Modernize existing frameworks — or build new ones — to standardize common operations and enhance reusability across your enterprise.

Consolidate tools

Unify multiple ETL products and line-of-business data analyst tools into a single, streamlined architecture for all data assets and users.

Accelerate development

Seize the cloud migration opportunity to adopt rapid development and deployment practices, expediting data access for analytics.

Embrace the power of

Our Transpiler technology converts legacy data pipelines into Prophecy-ready, open-source, cloud-native pipelines.

Scale for

Learn how Prophecy helps leading enterprises around the world transform and modernize their data pipelines on a large scale.


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