Prophecy for Databricks

A complete, low-code data engineering platform


Prophecy for Databricks enables data engineers, from novice to expert, to use Apache Spark while modernizing their processes for developing, deploying, and managing their data pipelines.

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Visual == Code

Visual == 100%
Spark Code

Visual drag-and-drop IDE allows easy development of pipelines on Databricks
native spark codeVisual generates 100% native, open source, Spark code that is editable
INTERACTIVEInteractive development, execution, and debugging on live Spark clusters to ensure code works as intended

Code-Based Git,
Testing, and CI/CD

GIT IntegrationIntegration with your GIT to track and version changes
Test CoverageTest coverage to ensure all changes are unit tested
CI/CDCI/CD to move changes from development to production with high confidence

Monitoring and

SchedulingSeamless integration with Databricks Workflows for scheduling
MonitoringEnd-to-end monitoring of data pipelines to ensure they are running and working as intended in production
Search and LineageMetadata search and column-level lineage to ensure data can be tracked all the way back to the source

Extensible Gems and Standardized Code

New visual elementsAdd new or enhance gems (visual elements) representing sources, targets, and transforms to encapsulate complex data patterns to scale for an entire data org
Standardized codeGraphs of multiple visual elements can be standardized and reused across many pipelines, leading to higher quality pipelines


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