Data Copilot

An AI-powered assistant that delivers intelligent suggestions and automates repetitive tasks for visual data transformations.

Simpler development that uses
text to build pipelines

Use text to start a new pipeline

You can describe in natural language (words) your data goal, and Copilot will suggest the new pipeline.

Use text to evaluate columns

You can describe in natural language your new column, and Copilot will recommend expressions.

Use text to modify existing pipelines

You can describe in natural language how you'd like to edit an existing pipeline, and Copilot will suggest exactly which edits to make.

Higher productivity thanks to next-transformation

Receive data join suggestions

As you add data sources, Copilot will suggest which tables you might want to join, then fill out the table conditions and chosen columns for the recommendations you accept.

Receive column evaluation suggestions

As you add target column names, Copilot will recommend evaluation expressions based on AI and other occurrences of similar expressions.

Better shared understanding from
auto documentation

Document all data assets

Copilot will deliver summary documentation suggestions for all datasets, data pipelines and data orchestrations.

Document all changes

Copilot will recommend a description of the change for every edit you make.

Document values for analytics

Copilot will suggest a description that explains how every column generated for analytics was computed and what it represents.

More confidence with auto-generated
data tests

Receive data transformation test suggestions

As you build transformations, Copilot will automatically suggest which tests to run on every change commit.

Receive data quality check suggestions

Based on the data profile, Copilot will recommend which data tests to run periodically.

* Released features

Version 1 of Prophecy Data Copilot supports text-to-pipeline and next-transformation suggestions. We'll release new features every two weeks to continually make your development experience even more joyful.

* Data privacy

Version 1 of Prophecy Data Copilot is based on OpenAI. Prophecy uses the APIs for business logic but does not share any customer data with OpenAI. Prophecy also can work with existing Azure OpenAI accounts.

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