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Designing a Copilot for Data Transformation

Accelerating the delivery of clean, trusted and timely data for Analytics and AI on the cloud data platforms you have


Build Data Pipelines on Databricks in 5 Easy Steps

Transform your data operations with Databricks and Prophecy


The Future of Data Transformation Whitepaper

Over the past five years, Prophecy leadership has been dedicated to understanding how to solve this challenge once and for all - and what a zero-compromise solution looks like. We are excited to share our learnings from working with many enterprise organizations that include top-tier financial companies, healthcare and pharmaceutical firms, as well as hyper-scale technology giants.


Data Pipelines

The landscape of data pipelines has evolved significantly, particularly in tandem with the emergence of the modern data stack.


Prophecy: Data Transformation for the Modern Lakehouse

Read this new research paper to learn how Prophecy is reshaping data transformation in the context of modern data architectures.


Low-code data engineering on Databricks for dummies

This book provides a primer into the power of low-code data engineering and how it can enable both technical and business data users with visual data transformation to convert raw data into analytics and machine learning-ready data.

Analyst whitepaper

Democratizing transformations: 3 keys to impactful data products with low code

By Sanjeev Mohan, Principal at SanjMo and Former Gartner Research VP


4 Data engineering pitfalls and how to avoid them

Best practices for boosting data engineering productivity.


The low-code lakehouse architecture guide

Empower any data user at any skill level to harness the potential of Databricks and modernize your process for developing, deploying, and managing data pipelines.

Best Practices Report

The low-code platform for data lakehouses

Four considerations for building a next-gen data architecture.


Implement data mesh with self-serve

Get business teams started with a self-serve platform to build data products with speed, standards and quality on the lakehouse.


Low-code  Apache Spark™ and Delta Lake

Make data lakehouses even easier.


Ab Initio to Spark

Guide to modernizing ETL and lowering costs with Prophecy.