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4x faster data inspires confident investments

Prophecy on Databricks Lakehouse accelerates data transformations to supercharge investment decisions

improvement in data
operations productivity
faster time-to-insight for
trade desk analysts
3 hours
to complete
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Complex ETL blocking investment growth
Manual processes hurts time-to-value

Waterfall Asset Management, a global investment management firm, has been on a mission to leverage the power of data insights to improve investment performance and mitigate risk for clients. However, their data operations teams were hampered by manual processes and a legacy ETL system that buckled under the velocity and variety of their data at scale. Hiring more engineers was the bandaid fix, slowing workflows and impacting data quality.

Missing investment opportunities

Less tech-savvy business users were either completely reliant on data engineering to access and transform data or forced to perform manual data work rather than creating business value. Their inability to deliver data-driven insights in a timely and accurate manner impacted client services and portfolio performance.


Democratized data to transform investment insights
Empowering business users to do more with data

Waterfall chose Prophecy’s low-code data engineering platform on the Databricks Lakehouse — giving business users an intuitive, self-serve tool to visually onboard and transform data without needing to code or depend on engineering. Putting the power of data directly into the hands of the users dramatically increased team productivity and customer satisfaction.

Open-source code and data governance built-in

As business users develop pipelines, Waterfall’s engineering team is able to access 100% open-source Spark code — automatically generated by the platform. This enables data engineers to ensure software development best practices for collaboration and ensure data products are performant and reliable.

“Prophecy removes the engineering barriers that were blocking our ability to help our clients drive investment value with data. Now anyone on our team can go from data to insights much faster,  without having to speak to a team of engineers.”

Shehzad Nabi, Chief Technology Officer, Waterfall Asset Management


Data that moves at the speed of the market

Equipped with a low-code data platform that all data users can use, Waterfall has fast-tracked data engineering workflows, reducing the time to prepare and transform data from up to 3 weeks to about ½ a day — a 42x performance gain.

The benefits of faster data engineering have been felt downstream, as business users (trade desk) are now receiving actionable data within 2 hours compared to 48 hours — a 24x improvement — when they were dependent on the engineering team.

And with repeatable frameworks in place, data pipelines can be standardized and easily shared across teams, reducing overall effort and operational errors.

Streamlining the path to better investments

With the tools in place for all data users to accelerate data onboarding, the data operations team has been able to shift their focus toward more strategic tasks like data governance in an effort to address data quality problems before they reach the end user. With Prophecy in place, it's clear that Waterfall’s focus on leveraging data to improve investment decisions is paying off and will continue to drive their business into the future.

improvement in data operations productivity
faster time-to-insight for trade desk analysts
3 hours
to complete Prophecy POC
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