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Prophecy on Databricks Lakehouse, a low-code data engineering solution, provides a competitive advantage

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Legacy data architecture and lack of Spark experience limit player performance insights
Rigid architectures and siloed data complicate analytics

The Texas Rangers baseball operations team went from a legacy on-premises architecture that was impossible to scale, to a cloud data warehouse with prohibitively expensive infrastructure costs, data staleness, and herculean maintenance efforts. Neither could unify their siloed, disparate data sources, resulting in the development of complex data pipelines that took as much as two months to create, negatively impacting player performance analytics.

Lack of Spark expertise reduces time to insights

For the Texas Rangers, data is critical to the success of their player development and acquisition strategy and ensuring they are putting the best product on the field. But being able to rapidly build the data pipelines needed to integrate, transform, and process this data to gain competitive insights required engineering capabilities that were limited in the organization, putting the club at a disadvantage.


Unlocking data access and transformation at all levels
Speed and scale, a winning combination

Prophecy’s natural fit with Databricks Lakehouse and the extensibility of the platform to support the services that the Texas Rangers needed has not only given the data team the ability to rapidly extract insights from greater volumes of player data, but also provided the club with the competitive advantage of greater productivity at scale.

Fielding a team of experts

Prophecy’s low code data engineering platform helps the baseball operations team upskill by enabling them to build data pipelines and data products quickly and easily without having to write code. This allows the data engineers to focus on more complex tasks and the data analysts to learn advanced data engineering concepts.

“Prophecy has created a lot of opportunity, allowing us to increase the velocity and impact of our data products while maintaining a high level of quality within our engineering team. It allows us to ingest and unify data from external sources quickly and at scale, providing a massive competitive advantage”

Alexander Booth, Assistant Director of R&D, Texas Rangers


Faster pipeline development, faster insights

Deploying new data pipelines has gone from as much as two months, to two weeks, with multiple new data streams being deployed each sprint. A 76% increase in productivity enables analysts to glean new statistics and metrics for evaluating players faster than ever before.

An expanded data landscape

The baseball operations team has been able to support the ingestion of data into their pipeline development workflows by 10x, providing a broader and deeper picture of player performance that beats the competition.

Extensibility and flexibility

Easy integrations with services such as Git, Apache Airflow, and visual tooling enable easy version control, efficient workflows, and faster BI reporting.

faster pipeline
increase in data
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