Unlock self-service across your lines of business

Improve productivity by enabling all data users to transform data, on their own.

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Get actionable insights, faster

Stop spending 80% of your time on data prep and only 20% on deriving insights. Prophecy's low-code, visual interface makes self-service data transformation a reality. Now everyone can turn raw data into data that's ready for AI and analytics - in a fraction of the time.

With Prophecy Data Copilot use
text to build pipelines

Use text to start a new pipeline

You can describe in natural language (words) your data goal, and Copilot will suggest the new pipeline.

Use text to evaluate columns

You can describe in natural language your new column, and Copilot will recommend expressions.

Use text to modify existing pipelines

You can describe in natural language how you'd like to edit an existing pipeline, and Copilot will suggest exactly which edits to make.

High quality code, without compromise

Analysts and line of business users have access to a visual development interface that produces high-quality, open-source code every time, ensuring transparency, maintainability, and continuous improvement.

Build and use standard components for your transformations

Data platform teams create and publish packages - reusable components of business & operational logic. Business data teams can then use these packages to speed pipeline development and adhere to best practices.

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Why customers choose Prophecy


Prophecy’s visual, drag-and-drop interface, empowers a wide range of users to build and deploy production-ready data pipelines. Prophecy Data Copilot accelerates pipeline development through intelligent suggestions and task automation.

No lock-in

Visual pipelines are turned into high-quality open-source code (PySpark, Scala, and SQL), while upholding software bestpractices through Git for code management and collaboration, automated testing, and seamless CI/CD integration.


Prophecy enables programming data engineers to build and import pipeline frameworks (standards) using Spark and SQL. Those standards are made available in Prophecy’s visual interface, enabling line of business data teams to build high quality, standardized pipelines.


Prophecy provides a single experience that enables all data users, with a unified view across all data platforms, covering the entire pipeline development lifecycle.


6 self-service obstacles for analysts that modern data leaders should not ignore

Over the past five years, Prophecy leadership has been dedicated to understanding how to solve this challenge once and for all - and what a zero-compromise solution looks like.
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Empowering business data users to quickly and easily build scalable data pipelines on the lakehouse
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