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Develop data pipelines visually or in SQL using software best practices, so you can get faster insights, make better decisions and streamline data analysis.

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Develop data models

Visually build data pipelines that run on any cloud data warehouse. Prophecy turns visual pipeline into SQL code with dbt coreTM format. You can also open and visually edit existing dbt core projects in Prophecy.

Orchestrate and schedule

Visually describe the order in which data pipelines should run, then schedule them to run at particular times.


Leverage software best practices

Automatically turn visual pipelines into high-quality, open-source code that's versioned in Git.

Rest assured visually developed tests will run every time a new change is committed.

Data pipelines are easily deployed to run regularly (based on the described schedule) and can be monitored.


Publish and subscribe

Publish your data products (models, datasets, gems), so other users can search, evaluate and subscribe to them.

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Architecture guide

Modernize your data pipelines on cloud data platforms.

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