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Data Engineering
Data Governance
Cloud Migration

Data Engineering

Architected for the Agile Enterprise

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Enterprise Centric

Prophecy is a comprehensive product designed for the exacting data engineering needs to largest Enterprises including security.

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Cloud Architected

We’re designed for the cloud and augment the services of the cloud providers. We bring agility via CI, CD to data engineering.

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Open standards

All artifacts in our system are open source and in Git. We give you control and integrate seamlessly in your cloud architecture.

Prophecy Augments the Cloud Infrastructure



Data Governance

Trust your Data

enhanced development

Impact Analysis backed by column level lineage allows for faster development and deployment.

enhanced compliance

Track and tag sensitive data as it moves across different datasets in your organization.

enhanced trust

Understand the quality and computation of the metrics before making critical business decisions.

Cloud Migration

Migrate with Confidence

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Accelerated via Automation

We provide highly automated transformation of existing ETL workflow code to Spark using our proprietary convertors that accelerate your cloud migration.

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Reliable and non-disruptive

We follow a reliable process and bring our experience to avoid common pitfalls. We allow running hybrid state, so you can migrate without disruption.

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We realize that success takes working hand in hand with our customers and their SI partners. We embrace it and excel at it.

Reliable migration to

in public or private cloud

Reliable migration to Spark in public or private cloud