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on Apache Spark & Apache Airflow
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Be Productive with Power for Data Engineering

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Low-Code to enable all data users

Prophecy enables many more users - including visual ETL developers and Data Analysts. All you need to do is point-and-click and write a few SQL expressions to create your pipelines.

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Complete Data Engineering

Low-Code Spark for workflow development. Low-Code Airflow for Scheduling. Metadata Search and Column Level Lineage for Management and Governance. We support complete Development & Deployment lifecycle.

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As you use the Low-Code designer to build your workflows - you are developing high quality, readable code for Spark and Airflow that is committed to your Git.

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Prophecy gives you a gem builder - for you to quickly develop and rollout your own Frameworks. Examples are Data Quality, Encryption, new Sources and Targets that extend the built-in ones.

Harness the Power of Cloud Architecture

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Prophecy brings the agility of cloud and DevOps to Data Engineering, increasing the speed of analytics & your business.

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Prophecy provides best practices and infrastructure as managed services – making your life and operations simple!

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With Prophecy, your workflows are high performance and use scale-out performance & scalability of the cloud.

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