Prophecy SaaS: Low Code Data Engineering for your Spark

Author: Prophecy Team!

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We at Prophecy believe that data engineers do the amazing work of enabling analytics and machine learning by providing them with high quality and up to date data. This is critical to every business and data engineers deserve the best tools.

Apache Spark is preferred for data processing since it is powerful, general purpose and open source. However, there are multiple challenges in succeeding with Spark:

What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is a low-code product and you don't need to know Spark to get started. If you can use visual drag-and-drop and can write some SQL expressions - that's all you need.

Prophecy uniquely combines visual development & code development -you can edit the same workflow in either editor, however, you are always producing high-quality Apache Spark code on Git that is 100% open and runs everywhere. You can develop 10x more productively in Prophecy than any other way - with agile best practices - code, tests, continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Announcing Prophecy SaaS

We're releasing our SaaS product today and making it free for 14 days. It runs with Databricks Spark on AWS, Azure and GCP. We'll release support for other Spark providers over the next few months. For more users, you can purchase additional licenses.

Our existing Enterprise product - that has a stand alone install inside the customer network, runs with most on-premise and cloud Spark providers.

What's included in the SaaS product?

You can get setup in 3 minutes, and build your first workflow in 5 minutes.

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For detailed introduction to Prophecy SaaS, the following resources are available

We're excited to contribute toward democratizing data engineering on Spark, making it easier for smaller companies and smaller teams to succeed with an Enterprises grade product. Please use the product, and send us your feedback -