Announcing Prophecy Public Beta!

Author: Prophecy Team!

Update: Our Public Beta is now closed! We'd like to thank you for an amazing response to our beta program..


Hey, we've been hard at work developing a new category of Code-First Data Engineering products, and we're super excited to share this with you and get your feedback!

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Prophecy uniquely provides a visual editor and code editor (with instantaneous toggle between the two) to author Spark code that is standardized, performant and maintainable, enabling more users to productively develop high quality Spark pipelines.

Sign up, and we'll spin up an account for you with Prophecy and send you an e-mail with login credentials. You'll be able to do the following

  • Create new workflows or see examples using Code & Visual editors.
  • Develop in your preferred language - Visual with SQL, Scala (Python coming soon)
  • One-click spin-up of Databricks Spark clusters on Azure (included free)
  • Interactively execute the workflows and explore the data

Prophecy provides many other features that we'll be releasing at a regular cadence, one every few weeks including unit and data quality testing, column level lineage, Spark cluster orchestration and scheduling.

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We'd love to hear what you think! Write to us at